Wireless Solutions
3.5GHz 5G DAS(NR240, NR540)
Product Name 5G DAS Installation
Output Power 40W Wireless Service 5G, FD-LTE, WCDMA
Service Band/Q'ty 4Band DETAIL
3.5GHz 5G DAS is a repeater system that can improve poor wireless environment of in-building/ outdoor, which unavoidably occurs due to the design of normal base stations. This system can efficiently improve network design by operators and implementation of facility infrastructure, and provide the service of 3Band/SISO and 5G/MIMO.

- Efficient cloud and evolution, considering concentrated deployment of MHU in base stations
- Equipment simplification, considering in-building operation
- Minimize changed parts when changing interface of base stations (RF/IF/CPRI/Digital IQ and etc.)
- Optimize transmission capacity between different equipment
- Automatically allocate dynamic resources for service continuity of ROU
- Optimize a heating structure
- Configure modules for securing maintenance and operational convenience
- Quick F/W upgrade of system (remote download).