Wireless Solutions
28GHz 5G 2x2MIMO DAS
Product Name 28GHz 5G DAS Installation
Output Power 33dBm(EIRP basis) Wireless Service 28GHz 5G
Service Band/Q'ty 1Band DETAIL
28GHz 5G Analog DAS system is an indoor distributed antenna system based on analog IFoF(Intermediate Frequency over Fiber). This system does not convert a broadband 5G signal into a digital signal, but transmits an analog signal based on IF(intermediate frequency), which can efficiently provide 5G service without any non-coverage indoor areas, such as in-building, without any increase of transmission capacity by digital sampling.

- Offer 28GHz(800MHz Bandwidth) 5G service
- Support MHU : DRU : mRU = 1 : 8 : 32
- MHU and DRU transmit 5G IF signal through RoF, and transmit management control signal as a digital signal.
- MHU and DRU support up to 5km of the optical distance.
- DRU and mRU are connected through a 1/2" coaxial cable, and support up to 100m of distance.
- Output Power: 33dBm(EIRP)
- Support 2x2 MIMO service
- Provide direct 28GHz service by implementing antenna in the mRU
- Provide 5G trial service with KT during the Pyeongchang Olympic period.